3 Things To Consider When Installing A Glass Shower Door

Are you getting ready to have a glass shower door installed in your home? There are several important things to consider before doing so. Here are three that are important enough not to be overlooked: Who Lives in the Household? It's important to consider who lives in your household before having a new glass shower door installed, especially if everyone will be sharing the same bathroom over time. If you're installing the glass shower door in your master bathroom, you can control who does and doesn't have access to the same space. Read More 

When To Get Your Windshield Replaced

When you are a car owner, the last thing you want is to have to do any major repairs or replacements on your vehicle. However, there are times when you absolutely should replace parts of your vehicle, including your windshield. Get to know some of the signs that it is time to get your windshield replaced. Then, you can be sure you are doing what is best for your car. Get the windshield replaced as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs. Read More 

Don’t Postpone: Why You Need To Repair Your Windows Right Away

If you have cracked or damaged windows in your home, don't postpone the repairs. Have them repaired as soon as possible. You may think that cracks don't need to be repaired right away, but that's not the case. In fact, postponing window repairs can increase your risk of other problems. Here are five reasons you should repair your damaged windows immediately. 1. Keep Your Utility Bills Low If you haven't taken care of the cracks in your windows, you may be paying more for your energy bills. Read More 

4 Tips To Repair Auto Glass Chips And Cracks Before They Get Worse And Become Costly

Simple cracks and chips in your auto glass can become costly if you do not have the right repairs done when they are needed. You want to make sure that the repairs are done correctly and care for the glass after repairs to ensure they hold up to the stress of daily driving. The following auto glass tips will help you deal with cracks and chips in the glass before they become a costly problem. Read More 

Protect Your Building’s Facade And Stationary Objects Inside Of Your Business

Graffiti that is scrawled along downtown businesses may give a jurisdiction an unkempt and dangerous appearance. People who use spray paint to deface buildings should be punished for their actions, but acts of vandalism usually occur at night when there are no witnesses in the vicinity. Don't let your commercial building's facade be subjected to permanent markings. If you have already painted the exterior of your building with graffiti-resistant paint, now it is time to protect your building's windowpanes, vending machines, and elevators with a specialized film. Read More