The Custom Shower Door Designs to Complete Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

When you are getting ready to makeover your bathroom, a walk-in shower may be part of the plan. There are many options for shower designs, which can be custom features with glass and custom-made doors. The following shower door design ideas are some of the options you will want to consider for the walk-in shower when you remodel your bathroom:

Frameless Shower Glass for an Open Design

One of the trendiest shower door designs today is frameless glass. There are several options for the frameless glass features that can be installed in your bathroom remodeling project. Some of these frameless glass features to consider for your bathroom include:

  • Frosted glass for privacy
  • Tinted glass to add color to shower designs
  • Inconspicuous hardware for a clean look

The frameless glass features can be an attractive addition to your bathroom design. Usually, these doors have few hardware pieces, but they still need hinges, handles, and mounting brackets. Newer door designs have more inconspicuous hardware designs that create a cleaner look for your bathroom design.

Black Matte Finishes to Add Contracting Details to the Shower

If you want a trendy design in your bathroom, a great choice is matte finishes. When the shower door is installed, the frame can have a black matte finish. This will help create a contrast to any white or bright colors that you have used in the design of the bathroom. These metal frames will also give you options to add functional hardware to the doors.

Contemporary Shower Glass Door Frames for a Unique Design

Your bathroom design could also be more modern, and you may want to have more contemporary shower doors. Some of the options to consider for more contemporary shower door designs include:

  • Curved glass designs
  • Cutouts to replace handles
  • Illuminated shower glass panes

The contemporary shower door designs can be an attractive solution for your bathroom remodeling project. For the illuminated designs, LED lighting is used to light the edges of the glass and create the illusion that it is glowing.

Custom Etched Glass Shower Doors for an Elegant Bathroom Design

The glass that is installed on the doors can also be etched, which can give them an attractive custom design. This etching can be a standard pattern, or it can be artistic designs like a natural landscape portrait. The etched designs can be custom-made for your bathroom, so you know they have not been used in any other walk-in shower.

These are some of the options that you will want to consider for the design of your walk-in shower when remodeling your bathroom. Contact a shower door service to discuss some of these ideas for your new bathroom design.