Replacing Your Tub With A Shower Enclosure

If you have a bathroom with just a bathtub, you may find you don't use it. If you are thinking about having the tub removed and putting in a shower, then you'll want to understand that this change can be a big improvement to your bathroom for numerous reasons. Here are some of the things that you would be able to benefit from should you follow through with the removal of your tub and the installation of a shower in its place.

You can use the bathroom for showering

If you have always used another bathroom for showering due to the lack of a proper shower, then you will now have the option of using the newly renovated one as well. If you have more than one person who prefers to shower, then this means that one of you won't have to end up waiting for the other to complete their morning or evening routine.

You can free up more space

If you have a large tub, but you want a small shower, then you can have a small glass shower enclosure installed that will free up some extra space in the bathroom. This may give you the added space that you need for things like dressing or just having the extra room to move around easier. 

You can create a large shower area

Should you decide you want a very large shower space, then you can have a large shower enclosure installed that will give you a nice area to shower in where you can feel more free to move around. 

You can get a shape of shower you want

When you have the tub removed to have a shower enclosure put in, you can also take advantage of this opportunity to have a shower put in that has the shape you want. You can go with a square shower, a rectangular shower, or a more unique shape such as a curved one, or anything else that you feel you would really like in your bathroom.

You can get a design of shower you want

When you have a shower enclosure installed to replace your tub, you can choose a glass shower enclosure that gives you a look you will appreciate. There are many types of shower glass you can choose from. You can end up with a fantastic looking bathroom this way. There is fogged glass, etched glass, and many other types.

For more information on shower enclosures, contact a local glass company.