All About Auto Glass Replacement And Why A Professional Should Do It

Most people compare windshield repair with residential window glass repair. Well, the physical resemblance between your residential glass and the automotive glass does not mean that they work the same way. Automotive glass is different from regular glass in many ways. Here are facts about the differences between these glasses and why you should only let professionals handle windshield repairs.

Car Windshield has a Different Design

The first thing you will notice about windshield glass is that it's created differently from regular glass. For instance, it has additional components like cullet, dolomite, and soda ash. These additions make it more resistant to melting when subjected to high temperatures. Besides that, the front windshield design features two sheets of glass. The manufacturers usually fuse these layers and then insert vinyl between them. Upon completion of the joinery, they laminate the glass. The resulting product offers superior protection to the vehicle's occupants.

The Glass Shatters Safely During Impact

Manufacturers understand that the windshield is one of the vulnerable vehicle components and most susceptible to damage when the vehicle faces impact. For this reason, they create systems that can absorb a lot of external force without cracking or shattering. Even when you get involved in a collision and the glass shatters, the design ensures it doesn't scatter, causing injury. The auto glass usually shatters into harmless bead-like pieces. Unlike ordinary glass, these pieces aren't sharp, and they cannot hurt anyone in case of an accident.

The Windshield Glass Type Differs from the Rest

It is important to note that the type of glass used to make the front windshield might not resemble what is at the back. For example, the glass used to make the side and rear is tempered and not laminated. Lamination of the front glass makes it more durable than regular glass, even though it is still possible to break it.

The Replacement Process Is Different

The process of replacing a damaged vehicle window is not the same as what you would have to go through when handling the first-time installation. Your mechanic will offer you the choice between original manufacturer glass or OEM glass and after-market products. OEM comes from the same and original manufacturer that made the car, which means it is identical to the broken glass.

These are the key considerations you have to keep in mind when handling issues related to your windshield glass. Consulting your auto mechanic immediately after noticing the cracks and chips prevents additional problems and unnecessary costs.