How Quickly Can I Have My Window Repaired?

When your window has become cracked, you might think you'll have to wait a long time to have the crack repaired. However, there are many businesses that offer same-day window repair services and you won't have to sit and look at the ugly crack for very long.

Immediate Window Repairs

Many glass window repair services are available 24/7 so you can receive an emergency glass repair service. On rare occasions, the window cannot be repaired or replaced immediately. If this is the case, the technician will board the window up and it will be repaired as soon as possible.

What to Expect

When the technician arrives at your home, they will clean away debris, such as broken glass, before inspecting the window. A glass window repair service will evaluate the window and determine how severe the crack is. Then, the technician will discuss whether your window should be repaired or replaced. You will usually not need to have your entire window replaced if it is still structurally sound.

Window Replacements

If the window does need to be replaced, the technician will replace the pane and will seal it. Replacing a glass window is more expensive than having it repaired but you will have a brand new windowpane that will last longer than the damaged glass pane. In many cases, the glass window repair technician will not be selling windows and will need to order the windows from another company. However, this is preferable because you will know that they will give an unbiased assessment of whether your window should be repaired or replaced.

Double-Glazed Window Repairs

If you have a double-glazed window that contains argon gas inside, a crack on your window might be enough to cause the gas to leak out. This can lead to your window becoming less energy-efficient. A glass repair technician will be able to repair the window so that your home will be as energy-efficient as possible.

After Your Window Has Been Repaired

After the repair has been completed, the technician will clean up. If there are any other windows that are also damaged, the technician will be able to take an approach that is customized to the unique situation of that window. You might need to have the window frame, window screen, or window mechanism repaired. After each of your windows has been serviced, you'll be able to enjoy your fully repaired windows.

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