Limit Risks With Glass Shower Doors For Your Family Bathroom

Designing a family bathroom includes making the space accessible to children and adults alike. When you're replacing the door for your shower, you'll need to consider safety. If you're concerned that the glass could be a liability when your children will use the shower, it's best to prioritize shower doors with this in mind.

The extra precautions you can take regarding the shower doors can leave you confident that the bathroom is accessible to all. 

Prioritize Tempered Glass

Glass showers doors provide a sleek look in the bathroom and are ideal for allowing natural light through the room. If you're worried about the glass being at risk of shattering, it's best to get familiar with tempered glass. Unlike regular glass that can shatter into large, jagged edges, tempered glass should break into fine pieces. 

The small pieces of glass will reduce the chance of any serious injury and be a safe option for a bathroom your children will use. 

Consider Textured Shower Doors

If you're worried about the risk of glass breaking in your bathroom, it's a good idea to choose glass that isn't entirely clear. This kind of glass shower door can be nearly transparent and run the risk of someone running into the glass due to believing that it's open. With texture being present on your shower door, there won't be a significant risk of the shower door looking invisible.

Along with the safety benefits, textured shower doors can add some visual interest to your bathroom and help avoid the bathroom looking too plain in appearance. With a textured door, the bathroom can be much safer for children that may not otherwise see the clear glass. 

Don't Forgo Handrails

When you're opting for a shower as the main focal point in the bathroom over a bathtub, it's important to add safety features. Handrails are an excellent addition to your shower since they'll provide the necessary stability when stepping in and out of the shower. Since a glass shower door provides a clear view into the shower, it's best to choose rails that match the finishes in your bathroom and enhance the bathroom's look. 

As you look for a new glass shower door to install in your bathroom, it's best to choose glass that will be a safe match for the room. With the above tips, it should be much easier to have a bathroom designed with safety and functionality in mind for your family.