Protect Your Building’s Facade And Stationary Objects Inside Of Your Business

Graffiti that is scrawled along downtown businesses may give a jurisdiction an unkempt and dangerous appearance. People who use spray paint to deface buildings should be punished for their actions, but acts of vandalism usually occur at night when there are no witnesses in the vicinity. Don't let your commercial building's facade be subjected to permanent markings. If you have already painted the exterior of your building with graffiti-resistant paint, now it is time to protect your building's windowpanes, vending machines, and elevators with a specialized film.

Learn About Film That Repels Graffiti

Anti-graffiti film is translucent and can be secured to glass panes, vending machines, the doors to an elevator, product displays, and signage. Each item that is covered with film will not be subjected to permanent damage, and the people who attempt to deface some items will not be aware of the layer of protection that you have added to the items. Don't worry about the true color or design pattern of an item being compromised, anti-graffiti film will not alter the appearance of an object in any way.

Film comes in rolls and sheets and will provide a slick surface that will not allow paint or permanent markers to seep through. Just imagine the look of shock on someone's face when they notice that their attempt at altering your building's exterior was not successful. This result will likely dissuade a graffiti artist from attempting to respray paint on your building's windows or doors or use markers to add graffiti to any exposed areas.

Remove Affected Film And Secure A Replacement Piece

Purchase plenty of film so that you can replace pieces when needed. Store the film in your maintenance or utility closet, along with a razor blade, pair of scissors, and a measuring tape. When you or your maintenance crew notice that a piece of graffiti film has been sprayed with paint or drawn upon, it can be removed by slowly peeling it from the surface that it was adhered to.

Before new film is applied, disinfect and dry the surface that is being protected. Use a measuring tape to measure the surface that will be covered. Use a razor blade or a pair of scissors to cut a piece of graffiti film. Peel the backing from the film and firmly press the film across the exposed surface. This type of film is water-resistant and is pretty durable, and it can minimize tears.