Hardware Upgrades Your Commercial Doors May Need

A business's commercial doors will be the first things that customers interact with as they enter the building. This can lead to these doors being essential for making the building accessible while also projecting professionalism to customers. These roles will lead to it being important for businesses to install various pieces of hardware to maximize the accessibility, security, and appearance of these doors.

Add Panic Bars

In an emergency situation, individuals will need to be able to rapidly exit the building. Unfortunately, this cannot be possible if the doors are locked, and waiting for someone to come with a key may take far too long. The installation of panic bars will help with this, as these bars can open the doors from the inside so that individuals can rapidly leave the building. Often, these bars are connected to alarm systems so that others can be alerted to the need to exit the building.

Replace Cracked Door Glass

If the doors to your business have large panes of glass, it can be possible for this glass to suffer damage in the form of cracks and chips. These damages can negatively impact the appearance of the doors, and it can also weaken the glass so that major failures are more likely. If your door suffers this problem, it may be necessary to replace the pane of glass. This may seem like it will be a difficult and disruptive repair for the business, but it can actually be fairly simple for a professional commercial door service to handle. In many cases, the door's pane of glass may be replaced in less than an hour or two.

Upgrade To Modern Locking Systems

Among all the hardware upgrades that you can make to your business's doors, investing in modern smart locking systems can be some of the most important. Individuals that are able to breach your locks to gain access to the business can cause extensive damage, steal valuable items, and create general havoc for the enterprise. By investing in smart locks, you can reduce the risk of individuals pick or otherwise bypassing these locks.

Install Automated Door Openers

Accessibility can be a major concern for any business due to the need to ensure the premises is open and accessible to individuals with disabilities. This is necessary to reach out to as many potential customers as possible, and it can also be needed to ensure compliance with government regulations requiring the business to be accessible. To this end, the installation of automatic door openers can help with satisfying these requirements, and this upgrade can be done without needing to replace the entire door.

For more information, contact a supplier or installer of commercial door hardware